Thursday, October 9, 2008

Miri Youth Conference

Finally I get to play my Ibanez S670 FM on the stage, and it was for the Miri Youth Conference.
The last time i stand on the Canada Hill Churchs stage i was holding the mic, erghh.. yea, backup singer.. hahaha.. Well, finally, maybe for the first time after a long long time I stand on the stage, playing my guitar for SIB Baithani, thats our church. It was awesome, the bands from other churches are great, the praise and worship are soo cool. We were the last group to bring the praise and worship, and our worship leader is our own Pastor, that is Pastor Libat. The coolest pastor ever, hehehe... I dont know how to describe that 2 nights. The PMM Sabah lead us in praise and worship on the 2nd night. We are all blessed, thank you guys so much. There are a lot of things that i learn from both nights, especially on praise and worship.
Even though i didnt go for the workshop, but just by looking the way the bring us in praise and worship, i learn a lot from them. The musicians, the backup vocals and the worship leader.. Man and they are soo cool and friendly,.. Here's the link (click here) to some of the photos,.. I hope by seeing these photos, you will get what im trying to tell you bout..
God Bless You,
Baithani Youth!! Keep on Rocking n Praise the LORD!!!